Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Spinney Stories 2018

          Hello friends and thanks for checking in at the O’Grady Fly Fishing Adventures. Today I am writing about the greatest fishing story ever told and I hope you enjoy it. I’m going to start by stating that we fished Spinney today and fishing was incredible, I will be needing some ice this evening. The fishing story however is about the most amazing person I have ever known and one of the oddest but quite possibly the most amazing fishing feat that has ever happened.
          Before we get into the story, I need to give a little background on todays event. I’m sure most of our readers and most anyone that has ever spent anytime with Cat knows how incredibly knowledgeable she is about fly fishing. When Cat was first offered the job in the shop, the owner at that time explained that she needed to know everything, about everything that has to do with fly fishing just to keep face at all times. She studied knots, different graphite, different drag systems and even bugs, well not sure that was studying but just reading. Anyway, so last week Cat was working in the shop one day and a gentleman came in and said that he had met someone catching a lot of fish on the river and they told him to come by the shop and get some help. At this point he looked straight at Cat and asked if she knew when someone would be working in the shop that could help him with knots. Cat told me the story and I shook my head and said, did you tell him to come in on the third Thursday of every month, because that is when the knot guy is here. Cat said she should have but told him that she could help. The guy then went on and said he means the really good knots, you know like the ones for fly fishing. I had to stop listening at that point and I’m sure he was very impressed with Cat by the time he left.
          So here is the amazing fishing story. Cat had just finished landing and releasing a Spinney piggie and as she was resetting her indicator when a fish ripped her rig from her hands. On great days this happens quite frequently and usually you just grab the rod and finish the fish off normally. Unfortunately, this time as her leader was shooting away, her indicator caught the top of the rod and spun everything into a nasty old birds nest. There was about fifteen feet of line hanging off the end of the rod and she felt a little like she was now fishing Tenkara, not ideal for Spinney. She tried to lift but couldn’t get the fish any closer than about ten feet, she began to wind the line on her hand but the fish began to fight and the line started cutting into her hand. She was stumped, she didn’t want to break her line because she just remembered that she had forgotten tippet and she would have had to tell me. She noticed that the fish wasn’t to freaked out if he could stay in the ten-foot away zone so Cat got a great idea. Yes, this could be scary, that will be written on Cats tombstone. So, with nothing to lose, Cat reached up as far as she could and cut her line. The line going to the fish she wrapped on her hand just enough to keep it in place and the she quickly reached to the top of the rod and with her left hand, was able to clean up the nest. Wow so far, next she unwrapped the line from her hand and shoved it in her mouth, she quickly pulled the tab from her mouth and tied a perfect blood knot. Anxious but a little nervous, she began to let the line out and put the fish on the reel. A quick battle and Cat landed a beautiful 19inch piggie, she gave it a little wiggle and the fish swam off as if it had never been caught. Now I know that one of Rush Limbaugh’s favorite saying is beating liberals with half his brain tied behind his back, but how nice would it be for Cat to go back in time and answer that guys question. Yeah, I know the really good knots, how about if I teach you while blindfolded, with a fish attached on one side, and the rod hanging by a thread on the other. You see, the most amazing fishing story ever.
          Spinney was absolutely amazing today, If I was forced to throw out a number I would guess I landed 93 today. Fun was had by all; Tyler and his crew were hooking fish all day and every time I looked up it seemed half of us were fighting fish. I didn’t catch any monsters today, they are very difficult to hold but I got one that measure off at 24 inches. One thing about the El Jefe net is that it makes your fish look small. Cat got the big fish of the day, that measured at 25 on the dot, what a hog. If you are thinking about trying the lake fishing, get it going now. With the purchase of any Fishcat or Outcast pontoon boat, you will receive a free sit down class with Cat or I and we will go over rigging, safety, accessories, reading the lake and hopefully everything to get you started on these amazing days. As always, Connell, Cat, Winston, Tyler, and the Drift Fly Shop want to thank you for reading…

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Opportunity Is Knocking......

          Hello friends and thanks for checking in at the O’Grady Fly Fishing Adventures. After answering the phone in the shop about river conditions a few days ago, I began thinking about a friend of mine that years ago, told me that all waters go through its ups and downs. At that time, our river had just began coming into its own and I kind of laughed and thought ours will only get better. After two and a half years of drought conditions and then followed by huge runoff years, I realized how right my friend was. So, this is where the “when opportunity knocks” mantra comes from. The lower flows have afforded us an opportunity that we have no idea when it will come around again. Fish are eating and very happy, bugs are sporadically hatching all day, and the anglers on the river have been friendlier than I have ever seen. Yesterday, my client and I were walking by a guy that was re-rigging and told us we could fish his spot because he just got broke off. So here is the best answer I can give on river conditions, I’m not sure how long the excellent conditions will continue and more so, don’t waste the current opportunity and come and fish.
          Now, I want to tell you about an opportunity for our readers. As most of you know, Cat and I just spent a week in Belize and had an incredible time. Leading up to our trip, honestly, we were really nervous about heading to another country for an unknown adventure. Thankfully, we ended up at an incredible lodge and very quickly our fears were relieved.  The place and the fishing were incredible, I have a tattoo to prove it..haha. Prices were much less expensive than the other lodges we looked into and not an ounce of quality was sacrificed for it. Each morning we rose from a comfy bed and had breakfast and coffee waiting without us lifting a finger. The friendly and insanely skilled guides arrived at the lodge at seven and off we went for a full day of fishing for bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon. The fishing was only paused to gnash down on lunches prepacked for us and which never failed to fill the belly.  The boats would bring us back to the lodge around three. The evenings were filled with soaks in the pool, a trip into town to take in some local culture, and amazing dinners. Needless to say, we found it very hard to leave.  
If you are not aware, saltwater fishing is everything that I love about fly fishing. We rarely cast until we see fish and then after watching bones chase down your fly, you get to listen to your reel scream. Its not easy, but nothing worth while ever is. We have decided that we are going back next year and Cat and I will be hosting our first saltwater trip. We have our date set for the 13th through the 20th of April 2019. Yes, I know that that is a year out but you can never start planning to early. The lodge is set up for the vacation you choose. For the hard-core fisherman, six guided days will give you tons of opportunities. For the families, the lodge can get you snorkeling or diving. One of the couples that we were there with, swam with the nurse sharks. Maybe one of the best things about the hosted trips is that Cat and I have been there before and we get to spend the week with our friends. The lodge is limited and a few of the spots have already been taken so if you are interested at all, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us. Call us at the shop 719-543-3900 or my cell 719-568-4927.
The pics posted are from Glenn’s trip today, we had another excellent day of hooking fish but a little more difficult time getting them to the net. The smaller bow, 18 incher, was taken on a dry, I should probably add that it was on Cats zombie apocalypse fly. As always, Connell, Cat, Winston, the Bluebonefish, and the Drift Fly Shop want to thank you for reading….