Thursday, February 21, 2019

One Fish, Two Fish....

            One fish, two fish, right fish, wrong fish. Hello friends and thanks for checking in at the O’Grady fly fishing Adventures. I have written before about how my views of lost fish have changed over the years. Yep, in the old days, every lost fish was well over twenty inches and many brought screams that could make a sailor blush. Not that I no longer care, but I can’t remember the last time I threw a fit over a lost fish. These days, I can see some pretty strange things and I just find myself laughing instead of getting mad. Yesterday, I fished by myself and had one of those happenings.
            The last few weeks I have been taking shots at a certain group of fish and have had been whipped more times than I like to admit. Yesterday, when I originally walked by this group, I picked out a fish, got set up in the exact perfect place to cast, and sent through a perfect drift. I watched the fish and I knew the flies were getting close. I saw the bow move and open his mouth and I grinned and lifted. I couldn’t believe it, nothing. I tried a few more drifts but they were that quickly on to me so I moved on. I headed up river and caught plenty more but couldn’t get those fish out of my head. A half an hour or so had passed and I made my way back into the run. I could see a few at the front of the run that were actively eating and then I caught something out of the corner of my eye. This fish was sitting alone(I thought) at the back of the run and then I watched him move a few inches and eat a bug. Yep, my target was in my sights. I tossed my flies directly in his drift and I watched intently. I knew my flies were getting close and the fished moved, but strangely. I could tell he hadn’t eaten my fly, and didn’t want to set, in fear of a foul hook or spooking him. Then I saw a flash and out of the corner of my eye, caught my indicator screaming across the water. I lifted and then realized there was a much smaller, or wrong fish, sitting right next to my target. He popped off and the whole group was now in lockdown mode. Yep, there was a time when I might have been pretty upset, these days, getting beat, even by a hidden dink, can bring a bit of a giggle.
            Today I wanted to fish a different section and Cat wanted to join me. Fishing and checking out the hooters made for an awesome day. We wanted to get into the section I fished on Super Fish Sunday and were surprised the sections were open. Cat jumped in and began putting a hurting on the dinks and I was struggling a little, drifting a deeper run. I landed a few but got a little bored and Cat jumped in. I moved up into the next run and I turned and saw Cat fighting a fish. I headed down and she got the better out of the run I had just left. We headed back up river, hitting a few runs on the way out and then we looked up and saw the owl just looking down at us. He was nice enough to let us snap a few pics and then flew off. It sure is awesome to just look around and enjoy what there is to see.
            On my Facebook posts I have been letting everyone know, that if you are planning on booking a sight fishing trip, this is the time now. The river is low and clear and you have to make a good drift. I have openings next week so get your trips booked. Most fish have been on the Chocolate Noon Midge, the Top Secret and Cat did pretty good on a peg egg today. As always, Connell, Cat, Winston and the Drift Fly Shop want to thank you for reading….

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Super Fish Sunday.....

         Hello friends and thanks for checking in at the O’Grady Fly fishing Adventures. While walking the river today my mind kept drifting to a place that it hadn’t been in years. A few years ago, and I think it was a combination of the Broncos really playing poorly and the players disrespect of the flag, I decided I was done wasting my time watching the NFL. The preseason games were fairly easy to ignore but as the season started, Thursday and Sundays had me feeling like a druggie going through withdraws. As the season went on, I began to feel a release from the addiction and Sundays became my Freedom Day. It has now been two years since I have sat down to watch a game but while fishing today, my mind was actually wandering toward today’s game. Now I can’t really say it is actually the game I was thinking about but more a few of the parts.
            I’m not a person that ever really does anything half-arse, unless maybe it is a menial task, and my mind wandering is no exception. You may not be aware of this really amazing stat but my Huskers have had at least one player in the SB for 26 straight years. Hard to believe when you think about a few of the teams the Huskers have had over the years. Now this years cast of players are a few of my favorite Huskers of all time. No, they never won a Natty, heck they never even won a conference championship but man were they fun to watch. Most people just think of the Texas game when they think about Suh, but my favorite memory was against Colorado. Alex Henry had just put the Huskers ahead with a 57 yard field goal, and with just a little bit of time left, CU had a chance with the ball. Suh tips the pass and intercepts, now he should have just kneeled but he headed for the end zone. The QB tried to tackle him but he gave him one of the best stiff arms ever and then steamrolled him on the way for the score. Burkead, was just one of the most professional players I have ever watched. He wasn’t the fastest and not the strongest, but when you really needed six yards, Rex would give you eight. And who could ever forget watching and crying your eyes out when Rex’s little friend took the ball in the Spring game and ran fifty yards for the TD, I tear up just thinking about it. My dad of course didn’t want anyone to ever see him cry, so he would always say our defense wasn’t aware of the play.
            So, like I said early in this blog, when my mind wanders, it’s pretty specific and big time, so here is my fantasy of how the game plays out. The game is a real defensive struggle, Brady(sorry Steve) can’t get anything going all day, because Suh is hitting him every time he turns around. The offense only clicks when the ball is handed off to Burkhead so in the second quarter, they bench Brady(sorry Steve) and just play Rex at wildcat. Rex gets his third TD of the day middle of the 4th quarter to get the team within a field goal. The Rams get the ball back to ice the game and are driving when the Pats put Rex in at safety. Yep he picks off a pass and the Pats get the ball back with three minutes to go. With time winding down, Brady is reinserted into the game and back to pass. Suh beats his man and hits Brady so hard that his face mask pops off. The ball gets fumbled backward and in the complete melee, the refs decide that because Suh didn’t ask permission, his hit was illegal, and the ball stays with the Pats. As things quiet down, the whole world is watching at the fact that Brady is still down and when he finally wakes, he is wondering where his side kick Robin is. As the nation watches, the 99% cheer and the Patriot fans realize their reign is ending. When the game comes back on, I switch channels because once again, I don’t really care, but I do dream specific and big.
            Now on to fishing and my Super Fish Sunday. I wasn’t in a big hurry today so I got to the water a little late. I jumped in one run and was a little frustrated when I didn’t get a single take. I moved up to a group of fish that have been outdueling me for the last few months and to my surprise, today they were eating. I picked one out and first drift through, I watched him eat. I set the hook and his head came out of the water and gave a big head shake. The spot is one of the more difficult places to actually land a fish but I managed him to the net. I got back in place and the remaining fish didn’t seem distracted. I hooked four more and got two of them landed and then I started thinking about going after a fish that was Super Fish Sunday worthy. After all, if you are going to fantasize, then do it big. We have had a few people in the shop this last week showing off pics of a piggie that was caught in town and I decide to head that way.
            When I got to the spot, I saw it was prime and ready. I jumped into place and eagerly watched the first drift went through. I put through another drift and the indicator shot down. My heart began to race and immediately I could feel the power and girth in the fight. My monster fish fantasy just began to flash through my head and then I felt the absolutely miserable and dreaded “kerchunk”. It Was a total roundhouse kick to my gut, I felt the same way the nation does every time a Patriot play goes to review. After a second, I could still feel him but he was definitely now foul. I thought maybe if I ever actually got him in, maybe I could just get a pic of his tail swimming away. He then slipped completely and was gone. A sly little grin appeared and now I felt a little like the nation when a Patriot play goes to review and for the one time in history, they were correct. Sad and frustrated and just a little sheepish.
            Anyway, I fished the next few hours catching fish all day long. Another spectacular day on our river. This may have been the best January I have ever seen the river fish and it looks as if February may be as awesome. Now its not easy fishing, but really good.
            One more thing I wanted to add before I sign off. Next Saturday, TU will be holding their annual Frostbite Fishoff tourney in Pueblo. Other than really one P-town exception, anglers have really given the competitors their space and I am sure they thank you. If you are planning on fishing next Saturday, PLEASE fish below Pueblo Blvd. If you want to learn something new, maybe get out for a while and watch a few of the anglers tactics. I have it on good authority that one of the competitors is part of the US team. Also, TU may still be looking for volunteers so if you can, check with the Pueblo TU website.
            I can’t believe how well the fish are doing right now so it is a great time to get out and learn how to catch more fish. I will have an opening late this week and middle of next week so get your trips booked. As always, Connell, Cat, Winston, Rex and Suh, and The Drift want to thank you for reading….