Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Spinney Stories...

           Hello friends and thanks for checking in at the O’Grady Fly Fishing Adventures. If you ask almost any fly shop employee what the most difficult part of working in a fly shop is, without question, it will be the over exaggerated fish stories. Now I’m sure our readers will think, isn’t that how you get so many readers. Yes, emphatically! I tell a lot of stories, but I promise most of them are true, I mean even Fargo claims to be completely true. Today's story happened in South Park Colorado, and in respect of the fish, will be told exactly as it happened.
            With the river season nearing its end, Cat and I wanted to do some lazy man fishing and decided to hit Spinney. This was our first trip this year and really had no idea what to expect. We got to the water at around 8:30 and after about twenty minutes I got my first take. I was late on the set and hoped that I didn’t screw up my only take of the day. I re-casted and just as my flies were sinking, I could almost hear them go tick-tick-tick and them BOOM. The next five hours was unbelievable, I would cast, count it down, and just as the indicator stood up..Boom! I don’t normally keep a count but the first several hours definitely would fall into the “crap load” number. At around 1:00, Cat headed in to use the restroom and, being the all loving husband that I am, I decided I would count how many I caught while she was out of the water. As she began to paddle out I was at five. I continued to count until we left and I finished at twenty, plus the crap load from earlier. I’m guessing most of our readers think that every time we fish we have days like this but it just isn’t true. We have had a lot of really great days on lakes but the size and number of fish that were landed today by far put it in the best “lake” day ever. Cat had a slight gear error today and had to work a little harder than I did, but estimated at least thirty fish to the net. The majority of the fish today were in the 18 to 22 inch size plus half a dozen under 14 and another half a dozen in the 24 to 25 range. Unfortunately, the selfie pics just don’t do these fish justice. Trying to hold one of those big piggies with one hand and the camera with the other just doesn’t work. Anyway, in a couple of the pics you can see me fighting a fish and Cat is doubled up in the background.

            With the river beginning to move into runoff stage, this is the perfect time to get this lake thing figured out. Spinney is near and unbelievably healthy. We at the Drift know how trying something new can be intimidating so we are continuing to run our lake special. With the purchase of a Sage Accel fly rod or any Fishcat/Outcast pontoon boat, you will receive a free sit down with either Cat or I and we will go over rigging, fly selection, accessories, safety and lastly how to attack a lake. The fish are there and ready to get caught. As always, Connell, Cat, Winston, Hanzee and the Drift Fly Shop want to thank you for reading……

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