Saturday, July 28, 2018

In the Leather...

           Hello friends and thanks for checking in at the O’Grady Fly fishing Adventures. One of the great things about being a fly fishing guide is that I get to help people experience some of the biggest and feistiest fish they have ever seen. The most difficult part about being a guide is that even when conditions are difficult, it is my job to get people into fish. My last few trips out have left a bad taste in my mouth and todays plan was for a little payback.
          The river was pretty crowded today but we basically got to fish every run that we wanted. The fish were eating right off the bat and after Jen had a few quick release fish, she landed the fish of the day, a beautiful 18 inch chubby. Brian was in a run a short distance away and after a few drifts I heard the familiar “fish on” scream. I set up to help and watched as the fish just went ballistic back and forth and at one time the line went completely limp, he started running back and the line came tight again. Brian worked the bow into the landing water and as I was trying to net it, it made a quick run over my net. We got him close again and as I was reaching, he said no and if I were a younger man, I might have made a dive but the fish spit the hook. I looked at Brian and he gave me the normal question, “what did I do wrong”? I noticed as I looked up that he was wearing a golf hat and I thought about the old “in the leather” saying. When golfing in the old days, if the ball was between the leather grip and the putter head it was considered good.  Shortly after that Brian hooked another piggie but this one had no intentions of playing, he took him straight into the rocks and sawed him off. Jen moved down and after a serious breakoff, she landed her second toad of the day. I saw Brian fighting another and after running back to help he got the fish right up next to me, I grabbed the net and as I was bringing it down to scoop, a quick head shake and he was off. So here is how the day will be explained, they both caught a few really nice fish, Jen got them to the net and Brian had them in the leather. Well done guys and thanks a million, it is so much more enjoyable when we can get the fish to eat.
          Now just a couple of announcements, first, the water temps are beginning to edge upwards into the dangerous range after about 2:00. So please fight the fish as quickly as you can and get them revived and back in quickly. Secondly, a friend of mine accidently left his set up in the Osprey parking lot a few weeks ago. The rod is a Hardy and the reel is a purple Galvan. If you happen to have picked it up or have heard of anyone finding it please bring it by the shop and we can get it to the rightful owner. The reel is very special and means way more to the owner than what someone could sell it for on ebay. If you bring it by, I will tie you a dozen of any of my signature flies. Thanks, and it would sure mean a lot to my friend. As always, Connell, Cat, Winston, Tiger Woods and the Drift Fly Shop want to thank you for reading…..

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