Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Antero 6/14/2017

            Hello friends and thanks for checking in at the O’Grady Fly Fishing Adventures. Todays drive to Antero was very lonely. As I was finishing my breakfast burrito, Cat exclaimed that Antero Reservoir knows nothing of Her and Spinneys “respect pact”. The next noise I heard, as we were driving through Hartsel, was a grunt and then a “where are we”. Today’s trip was a learning trip and we were checking several things out. One, Cat upgraded her Fishcat pontoon boat to a new Outcast boat. Two, we were trying out new rods and lastly, we hadn’t fished Antero in several years and we thought we better see what the fuss was about.
            As we got into the lake I looked at Cat and I thought to myself with all we wanted to check out, she shouldn’t have taken the chance and slept on the drive. We headed out and just as my first cast began to settle, the indicator shot downward. As I got him in the net, I looked up and saw Cat was fighting a fish as well. Over the next hour, it seemed that every time I looked up, she was fighting another fish. I’m guessing we have seen our last Spinney trip, she can sleep and still catch fish. My next several takes were a little frustrating, fish would hit and they would head straight down. They would take me to the bottom and then I would feel them pull off, and my flies would come back full of weeds. The wind rolled in at just after 9:00 and we found ourselves battling waves the rest of the day, fifteen minutes on and fifteen minutes of crickets. I’m not sure if it was the water temp or just the strength of the fish but the fights were incredible. The aerials, the dives, and the just plain brute strength was incredible. We bounced off the lake at around 1:00 and I was happy to realize I had just “Fraziered” Antero. Now if you are a Husker fan, I landed 15. Cat finished with 10 and believes the “pact” is over. Lots of lost fish today and worn out rod arms.

            With Spinney and now Antero fishing well, this is a great time to learn how to be successful with these stud fish. We are still running the Accel or Outcast/Fishcat special for a free sit-down class. If that doesn’t work for you, we have a friend that guides float tubers in South Park and he has the lakes dialed in. Check with us if interested, it’s a great time to learn. Lots of cool pics and Cat got her usual bugs and oddball pics. As always, Connell, Cat, Winston, Tommy Frazier, and the Drift Fly Shop want to thank you for reading….

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