Sunday, April 22, 2018

How Bad Do You Want It ?

          Hello friends and thanks for checking in at the O’Grady Fly Fishing Adventures. It is that time of the year again where you have to ask the question many times a day. I have told the story before where years ago I was fighting this fish up and down the river and when he had had enough of me, broke my line. At the top of my lungs I yelled a few, not so pretty expletives, and stormed off up the river. I turned the corner and saw a friend and embarrassingly, asked him if he heard my tantrum. He told me he heard something and then kept his distance, I’m guessing he figured I had some serious anger issues. I don’t think I have at all gotten bored with fishing but these days I am way more excited fooling fish than actually landing them.

            The river right now is coming into prime condition, flows are just over 400cfs and the BWO’s are popping. With the water warming up, the moss is just starting to cover the bottom and making the footing a little slippery. Now with these conditions, nearly every hook up, you have to ask yourself how bad you want to get him landed. On Wednesday I had a client in a place where he was hooking a lot of fish but they were nearly impossible to land, they would stay just across from us and then they would head below us and grab the current. The reel would scream and once the line started going under water, the hook would pop out. On Friday I fished by myself and anchored up on a run through the middle of the river. I hooked several fish and the biggest looked to be about 18 inches. Now I could have chased each one down and across to get them in a safe spot but I just didn’t want to work that hard.
            Todays trip was a father and son and what a great day. The first few hook ups we had to stand still and the fish were able to beat us. I got Dillon into a run and his first hook up looked to be an awesome fish. I grabbed the back of his waders and told him we needed to follow, the fish headed towards some rocks and he got is rod way up in the air. We chased him down river and were able to get him into some quiet water and get him landed. He was an absolutely perfect, eighteen-and-a-half-inch brownie. We walked back up into the run and hooked a few more but couldn’t chase the rest down. Mark, hooked the next fish and we quickly chased him down river and in true father/son, rivalry, he landed an eighteen and three-quarter inch rainbow. They continued to hook fish all afternoon but the frustrating part happened when Dillon hooked what looked to be a twenty plus inch fish, he got below us and I didn’t feel like we could safely chase him and the piggie flipped us a fin. We didn’t get him landed but laughed anyway and Dillon will have something to think about when shutting his eyes this evening. The last two fish were an eighteen and seven eighth and an eighteen and seven and a half eighth. Yeah, I know, the last two were lengths were estimated. What an awesome day!
            If you get to the river over the next few weeks make the decision quickly, is the fish worth it or not. Do you want to have to walk all the way back up river and more importantly, are you putting yourself in an unsafe spot? Running down a slick river can turn bad in a hurry and there are plenty of other fish that are eating. I have openings early this week so give us a call 719-568-4927 and as Always, Connell, Cat, Winston, and the Drift Fly Shop want to thank you for reading….

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