Tuesday, October 30, 2018

25 Again....

         Hello friends and thanks for checking in at the O’Grady Fly Fishing Adventures. Cat and I were planning on fishing today and before we left the house I checked the river flow. 25cfs out of the reservoir. My first thought was ughhhh and then I told Cat about the drop and she had the same expression. It’s kind of sad here on the Ark because every time the flows drop below 75cfs and then when it goes over about 250cfs, the phone is in a constant ringing mode with people wanting to know how the fishing is. Cat and I took one for the team and went fishing anyway.
          We only hooked a few dinks in our first run and then we headed up and found a run in between a few other anglers. I heard Cat tell me that she had one straight in front of her and the next noise I heard was the fish dancing across the top of the river. It was a quick battle won by the fish. A few seconds later and another tail dance and another battle won by the fish. We hooked a dozen or so and actually landed a few before the fish had finally had enough and were no longer interested.
          As we were walking toward our next run I told Cat that the blog name was going to be 25 Again, she got a strange look and wanted to know if the CBD oil was making me feel a little spunky. I laughed and explained it was about the flow. We made it into the next run and while fighting a few fish I got to thinking about being 25 again, and I remembered how utterly competitive I was just about everything. If Cat had out fished me when I was 25, I’m not sure our marriage could have handled my competitive nature, then again, I probably would have been thrown in jail since She would have only been 6. We hooked several and then began to head back.
          We had a few runs we wanted to hit on the way back and then we ran into one of the more well-known guides in Soco. Now to protect his innocence and identity, we shall call him Guide X. We chatted for a while and once again I started thinking about the 25 Again. Guide X is a guide and so are Cat and I, I must no longer be 25 because I didn’t feel like I had anything to prove. We laughed and talked a little about the day and I looked over and noticed several fish rising. I told them to give me just a second and got into position. I began to think about some of the great competitors of our time, Manning vrs. Brady, Lebron vrs. Curry, Magic vrs Bird. Guide X and Cat were behind me watching and there was no ESPN or cameras on us, but I sure wanted to beat those fish. I casted and dropped the fly gently in front of the fish and as it was drifting by, my heart began to race and nothing. Another cast exactly where I wanted and the result was the same. Ten, maybe fifteen casts and I began to feel like Manning against the Seahawks. Guide X walked up and gave it his best shot as well, then Cat jumped in to see if she had the magic. If ESPN had been there, those fish were the big winners. I went back to my nymph rig and moved a short distance up river and Guide X moved back in to take another swing. First drift through and my indicator shot up river and just then I heard Guide X say, “got him”. Doubled up but his was a little more special, I got mine landed and looked up just as Guide X’s popped off. Good thing my competition is with the fish and not Guide X. hehe Iw was a pleasure fishing with you Guide X!
          We made our way back toward the car and Cat and I jumped into one more spot. We landed a few and although Cat had hooked lots of big fish today, she landed her fish of the day. What a day, I don’t ever want to be 25 again and even though 25cfs is not my favorite flow, the fish still “gots” to eat. Today was the first true BWO hatch I had seen this fall and the fish were eating it up, yep a play on words. The lower flows sure brought out the best in the fish today and what an absolute blast it was. If you are thinking about making your way to the river but are worried about the flows, don’t let the flows deter you, just make sure you bring you’re A game. The river is not super easy right now and if you’re not getting the results you are looking for, hire one of the Drift’s professional guides and learn how to take your fishing to the next level. You won’t make it on ESPN, but your rides home will have a few more smile. We have openings this week call the shop or my cell at 719-568-4927. As always, Connell, Cat, Winston, Guide X and the Drift Fly Shop want to thank you for reading….

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