Thursday, October 4, 2018

If It's Meant To Be.....

        Hello friends and thanks for checking in at the O’Grady fly Fishing adventures. Yesterday the Drift hosted a large trip here in P-town. I was particularly excited about it because our river had been fishing so well and I love showing off our river to out-of-towners, but when we got to the water, the bugs were nowhere to be found.  Now every single one of them hooked fish and almost all landed fish and Cat will let everyone who will listen know that her client landed the fish of the day, but for me, the day left a slightly bad taste in my mouth. At one point my client said that’s why they call it fishing and not catching, when I let him out of time-out he promised me he wouldn’t ever use those words again. I almost found myself by the end of the day using the phrase “If it’s meant to be”.
          As a long time guide I have gotten to the point that I still love every fish I ever catch, but I find it way more enjoyable watching clients hook the fish of a lifetime rather than me. This morning while walking the dogs I looked around and thought I bet the bugs are out today and I really needed to get the bad tasted out of my mouth. I got home, got my gear packed and headed to the river and that is where the miracle happened. I left my house and drove to the first stop light and I had the green, I got on the interstate and began working my way through town. Light after light after light I never even slowed down and I hit every single green. Now if you have ever driven around P-town then you know what a rarity it is. Pueblo was not designed to move traffic around at a quick pace. I got to my fishing spot and as I was getting ready it hit me that I had just hit every green light and that had to be some kind of awesome omen, yep, Today is meant to be!
          The river was back to being on fire today, tricos were swarming for hours and the fish making the most of it. It’s always fun having days like this but at the same time I sure wished we had had the big group out today. Well anyway, I guess that’s why they call it……..nope I won’t say it.
          Speaking of, if it’s meant to be, I wanted to put a quick update out on next years Belize trip. We have two rooms left so get with us if you are interested. I’m not complaining but after not taking real vacations for twenty-five years, it sure is enjoyable to see what the world has to offer. Thank you Cat, Cody and Kim for reminding me that there is more to life than work. Fish today were eating Tricos and A & W’s. As always, Connell, Cat, Winston, Trane and the Drift Fly Shop wants to thank you for reading…..

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